Genelec Loudspeaker Manager 5 is here

genelec pic glm 5

Since 2006, GLM software has offered precise calibration and control of Genelec SAM Monitoring systems to minimise unwanted room influences and improve workflow. GLM 5 calibrates any size of SAM Monitoring system, from the largest immersive setups down to compact and ultra-nearfield systems. Its Calibration Group ID and Subwoofer Group ID features ease the management of monitor and subwoofer groups, making multiple layouts easy to create and calibrate on a single system. GRADE Room Acoustic Reporting allows GLM 5 to deliver a complete analysis of room and monitoring system performance, so you can learn about your room, assess physical improvements and totally optimise your studio. Total optimisation is just the start, GLM 5 is also a powerful monitor controller – allowing you to switch between monitoring layouts, maintain accurate control of listening levels, save energy with intelligent system-wide power management and much more. GLM 5 can be downloaded for free from MyGenelec.