New high-resolution multi-track handheld recorder from TASCAM

tascam pic portacapture x6 news 1

TASCAM announced the debut of the Portacapture X6 32-bit float Portable Audio Recorder. Featuring 96 kHz/32-bit float recording technology, a 2.4-inch high-visibility color touch screen for easy operation, 2 XLR inputs and dual built-in microphones with switchable AB / true XY microphone patterns, plus an intuitive GUI (Graphical User Interface), the new Portacapture X6 is an ideal tool for videographers, podcast/YouTube creators, sound designers, and musicians in search of high-quality stereo mix recordings for smaller scale production projects. Portacapture X6 features an easy-to-use GUI tailored to the launcher screen that offers multiple recording modes for different scenarios. These recording modes include Field recording, Voice, Music, Podcast and ASMR in addition to Manual which allows access to all set-up parameters manually. The compact size of the unit is particularly good for dialog recording and interviews with or without a camera and high-quality stereo music recording.

tascam pic portacapture x6 news 2