Next-generation mixing & recording with Tascam Sonicview

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TASCAM is pleased to announce the TASCAM Sonicview Recording Mixer line available as either the TASCAM Sonicview 16XP or TASCAM Sonicview 24XP. Both units incorporate state-of-the-art technology and a new multi-screen user interface called VIEW (Visual Interactive Ergonomic Workflow) to allow easy operation and control of all system parameters using completely customizable touch screens, user-definable buttons, and intuitive control software. Their rich feature set makes the TASCAM Sonicview digital recording and mixing console an exceptional choice for touring, installed sound, recording studios, and broadcasting. The TASCAM Sonicview 16XP and TASCAM Sonicview 24XP differ in frame size and the number of physical inputs, mic preamps, faders, and touch screens.