Redesigned Sachtler active fluid heads FSB Mk II

sachtler pic fsbmk2 1

Redesigned with features from the revolutionary Sachtler aktiv fluid head range, FSB delivers precision movement with finely calibrated levels of drag and counterbalance for the perfect shot. The streamlined profile is built to withstand the toughest conditions to deliver repeatable, reliable camera support shot after shot.

sachtler pic fsbmk2 2

The drag system delivers consistently smooth camera movements, fine-tuned to your payload. Delivering smooth pan-tilt fluid actions to match any camera payload from 0kg, the widest range of cameras can be finely balanced in the perfect position. Instant confirmation that the camera is level comes from the innovative illuminated PrismBubble visible from any height – day or night.

sachtler pic fsbmk2 3

Engineered to the highest standards with tough materials and precision components, FSB is built for endurance. With no variation in performance in the widest range of temperatures and environments, FSB is the first choice for outdoor operators. FSB Heads are adaptable to perfectly match your way of working.

sachtler pic fsbmk2 4