Shure introduces KSM11 wireless microphone capsule

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Shure introduced the KSM11 Wireless Vocal Microphone Capsule, the Company’s new state-of-the-art premium condenser microphone transducer technology. As live sound production has evolved over the decades, vocals have increasingly relied on meticulous signal processing to cut through the mix. Shure developed the KSM11 to provide the most natural, transparent, and high-clarity sound without necessitating the use of additional processing for in-person, broadcast, simulcast, and live-streamed performances. The KSM11 offers the full lows and clear mids typically found in dynamic microphones and the high-end detail provided by condenser microphones to deliver transparent and stunning vocal reproduction. Available in black and brushed nickel finishes for use on Shure wireless handheld transmitters, the KSM11 accurately presents artists’ vocals with unprecedented clarity and virtually zero handling noise, thanks to its advanced suspended isolation system.

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