The Neutrik etherCON TOP Airtight series for the harshest weather conditions

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The "etherCON TOP airtight" chassis connector is the perfect solution for demanding outdoor applications and the harshest conditions. This innovative product is part of the etherCON product group and belongs to Neutrik's premium data line. With an impressive array of features and a particular focus on protection and performance, the "etherCON TOP airtight" is the choice for professionals who require absolute reliability. The etherCON TOP Airtight series was engineered to endure the harshest weather conditions. The products guarantee for maximum connection safety and reliable functionality. Even unmated with an open sealing cap uncompromising true outdoor protection is still maintained. For lighting manufacturers, the etherCON TOP even provides the airtightness specifications according to the lighting-manufacturer-requirements, ensuring consistent performance under the most rigorous production test requirements.