Culture & Heritage

Visitor Centre Lake Cerknica

Cerknica, Slovenia

Committed to researching the phenomenon of the intermittent Cerkniško lake and its transformations the Cerkniško lake Visitor Center interpretation point is located in Notranjski Park, a landscape shaped by the karst phenomena. The multimedia center is devoted to the lake’s biodiversity and is a monument to all who have studied, researched, and preserved the lake. With multimedia tools, the unique hydrological and geological conditions that influenced the development of both the natural and cultural heritage are presented.
State-of-the-art technology enables visitors to engage all their senses: enjoy the summer scent of the lake mint, listen to the night sounds of Cerkniško lake or mysterious great bittern (Botaurus stellaris), the cracking of ice when the lake is frozen and have an opportunity to take a closer look at the transformation of a dragonfly from a water larva to an adult with the help of 3D technology.
AVC Group provided and implemented equipment for the cinema room including a surround audio system, video projection, and Control system.

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