A game-changing LED platform

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The new gamechanger is called TruePix and is designed completely from the ground to perfect all aspects of the LED experience. From installation, throughout its long lifetime, to after sales support and maintenance, TruePix will delight both customers and audiences in control rooms, television studios, lobbies, boardrooms, auditoriums, and other corporate applications. The unique viewing experience is the result of smart engineering, premium LED technology and Infinipix® Gen2, the next revolutionary generation of Barco's image processing technology. Barco purpose built TruePix to excel in the continuous, demanding environments of control rooms and command centers. TruePix delivers the scalability, continuity and reliability that is key to a critical operation center to view better, share faster, resolve quicker. TruePix high-resolution 16:9 tiles are available in multiple options, with pixel pitches ranging from 0.9 to 1.9 mm.

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