We do our job with responsibility, trustworthiness and a wealth of expertise. AVC Group stands for thoughtfulness, the highest quality and constant progress, even when implementing the most demanding and ambitious projects. AVC Group grows in a sustainable way in which employees feel a sense of well-being and a commitment to responsibility. For clients with individual requirements AVC Group offers system integration, turn-key projects or design and built solutions. Our services are custom designed to meet users’ expectations and different needs. Our specific knowledge is presented in the wide range of projects within different areas.

Areas of expertise


Production and archiving solutions, Media asset management systems, Intercom systems, IP infrastucture & processing, Signal contribution and distribution, Back drop displays

Pro audio

Recording equipment, Sound reinforcement, Wired and wireless microphones, Studio control monitors

Pro video

Cameras and camcorders, Vision mixers and routers, Monitors and displays, Robotic camera control

Mobile production

OB vans, SNG vehicles, Reporting vehicles, Mobile production units

Audio visual and control

Visual displays, Projection systems, Video walls, Wireless presentation, AV content delivery, Control systems, Digital signage, Signal distribution and processing

Audio and video conferencing

Congress discussion systems, Interpretation & voting, Video conference infrastracture, Collaboration and control rooms, Emergency response and crisis management centres, Desktop and mobile conference


DLP and laser projection systems, Movie theatre screens, LED cinema screens, Immersive audio systems, Cinema seating

Virtual reality simulators and motion platforms

Customised solutions for adventure and amusements parks, education and corporate

Lighting & Stage

Lighting fixtures, Lighting control, Fog & atmospheric effects, Grip equipment, Truss rigging & staging

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Our service includes designing and planning, system integration, supply of equipment, installation and maintenance of equipment, own development and repairing of equipment and systems, representation and distribution of domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Research and development

Some key clients require special customised solutions tailored to needs of very complex workflows. Our R&D team is working close with clients to find appropriate solutions and where needed we expand our resources with  cooperating with academic institutions, institution spin-offs and research networks in the region.

Designing (developing and technical designing)

We can design and develop even the largest projects in the audio, video and audio visual areas. We have a long-standing tradition and highly qualified and motivated employees. We are constantly pursuing knowledge and developing know-how and our supplies of top-quality devices. Our additional advantage is the global collaboration within the group, thus the exchange of views and experience. That enables successful completion of projects that we are proud of, just as our clients are.


Some large-scale projects require the manufacturer to be directly involved in the rental system due to the specific technical demands. With the assistance of the manufacturers, we can provide equipment rental and technical assistance. The key references lie in one-off events, such as conferences or summits, and sport events such as ski jump world series competitions.


There are system applications that require products which are not available in commercial markets. Our manufacturing department is used to design and manufacture all the missing components needed. With our knowledge and experience we implement the highest quality from the best components.

Maintanance and repair

The company provides all customer support during and after the warranty period. Qualified staff ensure that service is fast and efficient either outdoors at your location or at our premises.


We represent and distribute top class products from 40+ leading brands in the domain of professional audio, video, audio visual, lighting and stage equipment, including such well-known and respected companies as Sony, Harman Group, Shure, Riedel, Barco, Canon, Genelec, etc.



In the highly dynamic market, each project is challenging and has its own story. Each one is unique, and we invest the most in each to present the ideal solution. That is why we are proud of each end every one of them.