New driver integrates Genelec Smart IP with AMX hardware

genelec pic smart ip amx

Genelec introduced a free driver for compatible AMX hardware, which enables the simple use of bi-directional control and feedback features that aid in the management of Genelec Smart IP loudspeaker installations. Genelec’s award-winning Smart IP networked loudspeakers combine exceptional sound quality with single cable convenience – providing scalable power, audio and loudspeaker management via a standard CAT cable. Powered via PoE and compatible with both Dante and AES67 streams, Smart IP loudspeakers feature a single rear panel RJ45 connector which also allows access to Genelec’s Smart IP Manager - a sophisticated software tool running on Windows 10 that allows installers to configure an almost unlimited number of rooms, zones, loudspeakers and audio channels, and includes device discovery, a versatile room equalisation tool set, system organisation and status monitoring. You can download the new AMX driver here.