New series of cinematic fluid heads Sachtler

sachtler pic cine series

Sachtler has launched a new range of fluid heads designed for cinematographers. The new Cine Series fuses Sachtler’s rich cinematic heritage with its core values of quality, speed, and practicality to meet the diverse needs of cinematographers, from solo operators to larger production crews. Sachtler Cine heads have become an inseparable partner for filmmakers everywhere from the grandeur of Academy Award winning productions to the intimate drama of everyday storytelling. The Cine fluid head series comprises three models – Cine 20, Cine 30, and Cine 50 – each the smallest and lightest in its class. Combining innovative features, reliability, and flexibility, they offer controlled and smooth camera movement through variable drag settings and fine counterbalance, catering to the nuanced demands of cinematography. The Sachtler Cine fluid head range is available now as a head only or as part of a complete system including tripod and spreader.

sachtler pic cine series 2