New XLR audio adapter for mirrorless cameras

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Teac Corporation is proud to announce the development of the Tascam CA-XLR2d professional XLR microphone adapter for mirrorless cameras. The CA-XLR2d lineup is a collaboration between TEAC Corporation working independently with Canon Inc., Fujifilm Corporation and Nikon Corporation. The strategy is to combine the leading camera manufacturers know-how, and the high quality audio capturing technology from Tascam. Since mirrorless cameras typically used for high-quality video shooting do not accommodate an XLR input for professional microphones or a high-quality preamplifier, there are very limited options to upgrade your audio quality within the capability of the camera itself. Currently, when you need high-quality XLR microphones to capture professional audio, a digital audio recorder is required to capture audio separately from the camera. However, extra time is needed to synchronize your audio and video manually when editing. To solve this issue, the CA-XLR2d was designed as an XLR input expansion adapter for mirrorless cameras that enables filmmakers and videographers to capture high quality audio directly into cameras. This product is targeted for worldwide release by the end of 2021.

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