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Planica Nordic Centre and Museum

Planica, Slovenia
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Audio visual solutions with equipment for the interactive museum

Planica Nordic Centre is a Nordic skiing complex with one ski flying hill, seven ski jumping hills and cross-country skiing track in Planica, Slovenia. Ski jumping facilities have been developed since 1931. It is a place where two legends jumped over 100 and 200 metres for the first time in history. Today it is known as one of the major places for Ski jumping competitions with a modern Nordic Centre. It offers visitors numerous options for athletes training of just spending leisure time. Among numerous activities a Planica Museum was established.

There are two jumping simulators available with 6 degrees of freedom (DOF) in the Museum, which were implemented, developed and produced by AVC Group, as were other system integrations of multimedia solutions. Own R&D was included for virtual reality (VR) simulators and holographic solutions.

  • Implementation and system integration of multimedia solutions;
  • Implementation, development and production of 6 DOF (degree of freedom) simulators for ski jumping - Own R&D

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Cover photo: Iztok Medja,